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  1. Lithium Consumption
  2. GXY China Processing Plant Site Selected
  3. Rapidly increasing usage
  4. Breathing Lithium batteries breakthrough
  5. Volkswagen - China's BYD - Green cars
  6. Lithium news flow heating up
  7. Bolivia fires first shot in Lithium wars
  8. China to battle Japan over Lithium
  9. Lithium Air bBattery = 10x power
  10. Hitachi to supply Lithium-Ion Batteries to General Motors
  11. Hitachi to produce LI batteries for 700,000 cars per year
  12. Galaxy to develop new mine in China
  13. Nissan's Electric Car range of 100 miles per charge
  14. Galaxy takes China's "Great Group" as its cornerstone investor
  15. RESERVES: 9.3 million tonnes at 1.04% Li2O plus Tantalum
  16. Most new electric cars to use Lithium
  17. Great Research on Galaxy ASX: GXY
  18. GXY Lithium Carbonate Prices and Forecast
  19. Lithium (Car) Wars have started
  20. Australian Lithium ASX stocks page updated
  21. Lithium battery that recharges in seconds
  22. Australia's Rock Lithium Producer Galaxy (GXY) sppeds to production
  23. Reed Resources sniper fire towards GXY
  24. Sanyo to build GRID STORAGE Li batteries
  25. Galaxy: GXY Australia's only ASX listed Lithium miner
  26. China unlike "all talk" Australia is greening its transport
  27. I have been working on Australia's Lithium plays.
  28. News from Galaxy
  29. Galaxy Research ASX: GXY
  30. Talison to List on ASX... Resurrection of SGW
  31. Sodium-Ion Cells for Cheap Energy Storage
  32. Galaxy wins China Australia business award
  33. China development bank joins loan syndicate
  34. Mt Cattlin Drilling Delivers More high grade intercepts
  35. lithium ion storage battery capable of powering a home for a full week.
  36. Galaxy resources ASX GXY
  37. China's e6 - 200 miles per charge -Buffet's an investor
  38. Marked Surge in ASX Lithium Plays
  39. energy
  40. 120-million e-bikes are probably on Chinese roads
  41. 23% increase for Galaxy's Lithium Reserves
  42. Australia about to become the world's Lithium capital?
  43. Galaxy Lithium project forging ahead
  44. Now extracting Lithium Ore Only ASX listed Company doing it
  45. China's Lithium
  46. Galaxy in the world's first Lithium ETF
  47. Galaxy to produce 99.99% grade Lithium
  48. Galaxy to list on Hong Kong Exchange
  49. Korea Institute Tips 3x increase for Lithium Market by 2014 -
  50. Galaxy set to acquire Canadian Lithium project
  51. Lithium ETF emerges.
  52. China's investment in electric cars has reached 8.5 billion yuan ($1.3 billion)
  53. Will there be a shortage of Lithium
  54. Galaxy Up Resources and Reserves - Mine life is now 18 years
  55. GXY ships first Spodumene (Lithium) to China
  56. We have updated the information on http://australian-lithium.com/lithium-stocks.html
  57. Large increase in Lithium news flow
  58. Talison increases W.A. Greenbush production
  59. GXY: Australia's ASX now has a proven Lithium exporter
  60. Galaxy's second Lithium shipment to China
  61. Galaxy jiangsu lithium carbonate project update
  62. Galaxy (GXY) sparks a Chinese bank rush
  63. Lithium about to pick up?
  64. Talison increases Lithium sales by 53%
  65. Galaxy stars shining brightly: But is dimmer now
  66. Galaxy completes Jiangsu Lithium Carbonate Project
  67. Buy Galaxy: Talison Lithium achieves 15% price increase
  68. Galaxy exports third spodumene shipment
  69. Graphite the next big thing - says Rare Earths expert Jack Lifton
  70. Galaxy is now producing Lithium Carbonate at Jiangsu
  71. Galaxy sells first lithium carbonate from jiangsu
  72. Major battery breakthrough
  73. Galaxy completes journey to become a GLOBAL lithium company
  74. Galaxy on track for revenue of $20b per annum
  75. Galaxy second salar system
  76. GXY ups production and sales
  77. Galaxy on path to become world's largest battery grade Lithium Carbonate producer
  78. Galaxy's Jiangsu profitable LICo3 production - 28 tonnes per day
  79. All-solid lithium-sulfur battery with four times the energy density
  80. Galaxy Resources Production Update
  81. Galaxy best ever production and sales month at its Jiangsu Lithium Carbonate Plant
  82. Tesla to build a GIANT lithium-ion battery plant
  83. GXY to have more cash than market cap
  84. Renewed interest in Lithium
  85. Australia second largest Lithium producer
  86. Massive new lithium market emerging? Just kidding
  87. Tesla's Gigafactory: Where will the Lithium come from?
  88. Subsidy for lithium batteries deployed in electric vehicles
  89. The Lithium triangle
  90. El Nino and the lithium triangle
  91. Cobre Montana provides the pathway to "unlimited" Lithium
  92. The Lithium Revolution - Infographic
  93. Australia's biggest battery
  94. Lithium Infographic presents a "graphic" picture
  95. Galaxy now in a good position financially to restart several projects
  96. Australian Lithium shares moving up
  97. Six types of lithium ion batteries, as well as their compositions and common uses
  98. World expert Jack Lifton: Lithium: Has got to go higher.
  99. Low Temp. Lithium extractions,from alpha spodumene, of up to 92% in 4 hours
  100. Galaxy receives Production Commencement Notice from General Mining dated 31 March 201
  101. 1.1 MWh lithium battery storage plus solar system supplies Western Australia suburb
  102. Lithium supply crunch linked to price rise
  103. About Lithium Australian-Lithium.com updated
  104. Tesla's Lithium supply crunch looming large
  105. Galaxy Resources a thorough overview of GXY's Lithium projects
  106. Lithium supply challenge
  107. Excellent resource to understand Lithium basics