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Default Nuclear Fusion

The white whale of energy, scientists have been hyping the potential of nuclear fusion since, oh, the first hydrogen bomb was dropped over the Marshall Islands in 1952. It's easy to see why: nuclear fusion powers the sun, and it holds out the possibility of near-limitless electricity, without pollution. But decades of research have gone by and scientists remain incapable of creating a sustainable fusion reaction that could be used to create reliable power. That could be changing, however. Construction has begun on the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), a $15 billion project that will rely on magnetic fields that are 100,000 times stronger than the Earth's to create the conditions necessary for viable fusion. The plant is scheduled to be switched on in 2018 assuming everything goes right. Nuclear fusion remains a long shot, but if the world is going to avert climate change, we'll need some luck, too.
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Default Stats on Usage of Uranium

there is a Research Paper: 11 September 2009, no. 6, 2009–10, ISSN 1834-9854 Australia's uranium

Greg Baker
Statistics and Mapping Section

I have pasted a table from it below

Visit: Australian Uranium
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The hope of nuclear fusion on earth is the best chance that we have for unrestricted energy. I think vested groups will stifle it until they can profit from it.

So we should ensure they cannot stifle.

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Default Nuclear Fusion

Yes, French can be totally trusted, specially when it comes to Nuclear cooperations. Like the framatom and Eurodif cases. I think even some of the money of Iran Atomic Energy organization has remained blocked in France.
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Nuclear energy naturally happens in the Earth's crust via uranium by example. Uranium distributed through the Earth's crust gives heat to sustain core temperature.
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Default Agreed Nicholas

Hi Nicholas,
nature's nuclear reactor is indeed the naturally occurring radiogenic decay from uranium and other unstable isotopes.

We are about to harness this form of energy... but not by tapping the Earth's molten core but rather by a process that is called "Hot Rock Energy" or Geothermal Energy.

If you'd like to read around the subject have a look at
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