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  1. Rare Earths Australian Investment
  2. Australia's cheapest uranium +REEs
  3. Australia Can Dominate the REE space
  4. Electric vehicles production limted by REEs and Li
  5. China tightens grip on rare earths
  6. ASX Rare Earths day
  7. LYC fully funded to 21,000T REO production
  8. Why Rare Earth Metals Matter
  9. China Rare Earths and WA Explorers
  10. China's REE monoply threat to Golbal Suppliers
  11. Greenland Mineral and Energy HUGE REE deposit
  12. Australia could still be the World's REEs "swing" producer
  13. Digging for Opportunities in Rare Earths
  14. Rare Earths and Nanotechnology
  15. Rare Earths Enhance Silex's Solar Cells
  16. China worried re diminishing Rare Earths position
  17. Finally Congress Starts to Look At Rare Earths
  18. FIRB delays Lynas deal decision with China's CNMC
  19. Lynas Corp Investor conference
  20. Are there Alternative to REE for Large Wind Turbines?
  21. China further tightens Rare Earth Production and Exports
  22. Dines claims: He is the origional Rare Earths Bug
  23. NAV Last man standing REE's in Australia: Coming on with Cummins
  24. Arufura Bank Feasibility Study +ve for REEs and Phosphoric Acid
  25. Stories by The Australian about Rare Earths
  26. Very positive story by Proactive Investors
  27. China and Japan going head to head over REEs
  28. Which Country has the richest Rare Earth deposit
  29. FIRB's Dithering puts LYC Investors on a knife edge.
  30. China will NOT restrict REE Exports 20,000 ton oversupply in 09
  31. Good Rare Earth Article for Investors
  32. Navigator Resources- Independent Resource for Cummins REEs
  33. China's CNMC bows out of LYC
  34. GGG: The Australian presents a better article
  35. Mountain Pass USA lacks heavy REEs for magnets: Australia's Lynas Corp to the rescue
  36. Rare Earth Elements prices increasing
  37. World REEs deposits, compositions, light and heavy REEs
  38. Rare Earth Prices 2008 Vs 2009
  39. Half of the 21st century's "rate limiting step" for $1 billion
  40. 20,000 tonnes of Rare Earths smuggled out of China in 2008
  41. Japan comes looking for Rare Earths
  42. ALK to be biggest non-Chinese Heavy REE producer
  43. Just how big is GGG's REEs project
  44. Increasing interest from the USA in our Australian Rare Earth Companies
  45. Rare Earths mania not yet seen here in Australia
  46. Jack Lifton +ve comments on ARU
  47. Price may not be as important as security of supply
  48. Make gold out of rare earth stocks
  49. "Unobtainium", worth $20 million per ounce.
  50. The Battle over the Rare Earths update by Jack Lifton
  51. Lynas brings stability and security to Rare Earth supply
  52. Toyota goes to India to Process Rare Earths
  53. ASX listed companies with Rare Earth's surging
  54. Big Tick for GGG by Proactive Investors
  55. China to build a huge Rare Earths strategic reserve
  56. Interesting article calling for a rare earths ETF
  57. Greenland Minerals and Energy able to supply 20%+ REEs
  58. REEs : key national security systems USA -time for catch up or at least Hysteria
  59. Lynas Corp and JP Morgan Launch Rare Earths ETF
  60. Greenland Minerals and Energy (ASX:GGG) gaining political traction
  61. Lynas Corp strong rise on good volume
  62. J P Morgan declares Rare Earths Producer Lynas Corp a RARE Opportunity.
  63. Greenland Minerals and Energy (ASX: GGG) secures A$21 million
  64. Largest Rare Earths Mine Announced - www.tanbreez.com
  65. Greenland Energy ASX:GGG Gets Pathway To Development
  66. Joint Mineralogical Societies of Australasia in 2012 in Perth
  67. China Dominance? | Australia REE, REO, REM Swing Producer 2011
  68. Lynas signs another off-take agreement
  69. GGG's Free Rare Earth Elements
  70. 70% of Lynas Corps' Rare Earth Elements now tied up.
  71. Rudd to nationalise Australia's Rare Earth Elements?
  72. Interactive Google Map of Australian Rare Earth JORC Deposits
  73. Rare Earths a STRATEGIC commodity: LYC to be first new producer in 2011
  74. China announces another Rare Earth tax hike
  75. China reduces REE exports by 35% first half 2011
  76. Galaxy Australia's Lithium play finds very rich Rare Earths Deposit
  77. The Yin and Yang of China's Rare Earth Policies
  78. Worse rare earth shortages 'yet to come'
  79. China to import Rare Earths- Huge supply gap from 2011 to 2013
  80. China is building a rare earth stockpile
  81. China's new rule to make sustainable use of rare earth, iron.....China's People Daily
  82. The U.S. can?t dig its way out of its rare earth minerals shortage
  83. More signs of panic over USA's Rare Earths supply issues...
  84. China's 5 year growth plan indicates zero exports of Nd and Dy
  85. Rare Earths Supply battle heats up. Australia in the firing line?
  86. Wall St Journal REE still hot! LYC basket pricing shows why
  87. Greenland Energy and Minerals _resource upgrade - bigger than Phar Lap's heart
  88. Alkane Resources surges
  89. Rare Earth Prices now more than $100,000 per ton
  90. No end in sight to rare earth dearth
  91. Rare Earths News flows heating up again
  92. No more cheap rare earths
  93. News from China
  94. Krucible Metals Australia's latest JORC REE (Yttrium)
  95. Rare earth prices are up 87% in 3 months
  96. LYNAS completes Sojitz deal and LAMP feed to kiln by September
  97. Has Australia taken the first step towards nationalisation of our REE companies?
  98. Lynas and Alkane spark overseas interest
  99. Bromby recants and is now a rare earths fan
  100. More details RE GGG ASX Announcement 2010 Annual Report 3/May
  101. Rare Earths large upsurge in interest
  102. I heart rare earths!
  103. LYC, ALK and GGG -Australian Financial Review gives thumbs up
  104. Melbourne's buying LYNAS Corp
  105. Alkane Resources signs MOU ~$50 - $70m per year Zircon offtake
  106. LYNAS first feed to concentration plant
  107. GGG: PharLaps heart just got a LOT bigger
  108. ASX: GGG Director buys 3/4m $ worth on market
  109. Rare Earth Seminar Perth 2012
  110. China cracks down on REE exports but is outwitted
  111. New way to invest in the Rare Earths: A Pooled Development Fund
  112. China's new Rare Earth Exchange: Buy ALK
  113. Rare Earths and Strategic Metals conference Sydney; 21 & 22 June 2011
  114. LYC : ARU : GGG : ALK - clear winner at the moment is Alkane
  115. Buy heavy rare earths: (ALK)
  116. LYNAS CORP: News analysis a great post on Topstocks by GoldDigger
  117. LYNAS action on NASDAQ
  118. REEs - going deeper than down-under for REEs
  119. Siemens and Lynas to form a joint venture for magnet production: Vertical Integration
  120. Heavy News flows for the Rare Earths
  121. Siemens and Strategic Elements REE IPO
  122. LYC (& ALK) to leap on China's 7% export quota cut...
  123. Cudeco's Tellurium 3,500ppm - 7.7lbs per ton
  124. Rare Earths: Historic and Forecast Supply, Demand and Pricing
  125. Greenland Energy and Minerals soars
  126. Greenland Energy and Minerals (ASX: GGG) heavy news flows
  127. ASX: GGG to concentrate Heavy REEs and stockpile light REEs.
  128. Lifton says Russia not ready for REE exports till 2020
  129. WilsonHTM buy LYNAS
  130. REM Seminar Perth 9-10 June 2012
  131. Malaysia Today: Lynas plant NOT harmful
  132. Yin & Yang: Plenty Bullshit Mister re REEs
  133. GGG, ALK -Navigating the Rare Earth Metals Landscape
  134. ASX: GGG gains uranium licensing framework
  135. Morgan Stanley takes another chunk of Lynas
  136. Australia has large amounts of the five "CRITICAL" Rare Earth Elements
  137. ALK, LYC, GGG, ARU specific mention by US D.O.E
  138. Lynas upgrades Mt Weld resource +++
  139. Greenland Energy and Minerals (GGG) URANIUM BREAKTHROUGH
  140. LYNAS strong buy in the USA - marketclub.
  141. Alkane Net Present Value $4.80 Petra Capital ~today's price $1.18
  142. REE Video clips from last years Strategic Metals and Rare Earths Sydney conference?
  143. Lynas Corp breakthrough remote location waste disposal
  144. The Next Golden Age an investors dream
  145. Greenland Energy and Minerals (ASX: GGG) target price $1.80 - $6.36
  146. Greenland long life REE + Uranium confirmed PFS
  147. Lynas LAMP world class standard
  148. Greenland Energy and Minerals (ASX: GGG) target price $2.25 following +ve PFS
  149. Rare Earths news flows heating up
  150. Anti LYNAS appeal dismissed
  151. Lynas' LAMP Malaysia's gateway to 21st century. BOSE moves in.
  152. Alkane has the critical Rare Earth Elements
  153. Lynas undone by social media. Is your company next?
  154. China has started stockpiling the "critical" Heavy Rare Earths
  155. Alkane makes giant commercial leap
  156. Malaysian Anti-Lynas group receives rebuke for false allegations
  157. China's REE strategic reserve -sensible in face of dwindling supply of HREEs
  158. Refined REEs for sale
  159. GGG takes 100% of Kvanefjeld, S?rensen and Zone 3 deposits
  160. GGG takes 100% of Kvanefjeld, Sorensen and Zone 3 deposits
  161. Australia has Samarium for new Toshiba motor
  162. Phosphate and Rare Earth Micro cap Krucible scores
  163. LYNAS to export residues LAMP phase one complete
  164. Lynas gets temporary operating license
  165. LYC: 362% increase in Ore Reserves and a 260% increase in contained REO
  166. Why Yttrium
  167. Alkane Resources - Good news Yttrium, Niobium, Hafnium, Zirconium -HREE 22%
  168. Dysprosium and terbium in long term price increases coming.
  169. 3rd Annual Strategic Metals & Rare Earths conference
  170. Lynas LAMP now operational first feed to kiln underway
  171. Lynas if only we'd followed the social media
  172. Lynas" LAMP shining
  173. Great news from Greenland Energy and Minerals
  174. Beijing and Delhi choke - third annual Strategic Metals and Rare Earths conference
  175. LYNAS now a producer of refined rare earths.
  176. Greenland's newly elected PM to allow uranium mining: +ve for GGG
  177. Rare Earth Expert Jack Lifton names 4 ASX listed REE companies that should survive
  178. GGG to be one of world's lowest cost producers of rare earth elements
  179. Alkane: Definitive feasibility study confirms robust dubbo zirconia project
  180. GGG news flow
  181. Rare Earths heavy news flows- time to buy?
  182. Some REE prices rose last week
  183. ASX: HAS has heavy REEs.
  184. Alkane - good read
  185. Jack Lifton very impressed by Australia's Alkane Resources
  186. Greenland Minerals and Energy Set For Key Role in EU Backed Rare Earth Supply Chain
  187. Anti-Lynas group drops appeal
  188. Rare Earths coming back into the news
  189. REE prices surging
  190. Rare earths prices could jump
  191. Greenland votes yes to uranium mining
  192. China to squeeze REE supply in 2014 - Quota down 60% from 2009
  193. Many critical elements difficult to substitute
  194. Jack Lifton 2014 year of great rare earth price rises
  195. Alkane gives grand tour to resource minister
  196. Demand for rare earth metals like neodymium and dysprosium is expected to rise
  197. Rare Earths news flows hotting up
  198. HREE are placed at the very top of the list of most critical materials -
  199. Rare Earth Metals News Flows: from China to recycling
  200. Rare Earth Metals Staging a Comeback?
  201. ASX: GGG set to dominate world REE and U3O8 supplies
  202. Who has the heavies?
  203. China's State Reserve Bureau (SRB) purchased 10,000 tonnes of rare earths this month.
  204. Lynas's LAMP recieves Full Operating State License
  205. Jack Lifton very impressed with ASX: ALK Alkane Resources
  206. Is there a case for Lynas?
  207. China INCREASES its Rare Earth IMPORT prices
  208. Global Rare Earth Metals market may reach $ 8.19 billion by 2018
  209. ASX: GGG progress update
  210. Rare Earth's back in the news
  211. China REE imports value up by ~86%
  212. Greenland Energy and minerals clear path ahead
  213. Rare Earth Market turning up
  214. Magnet rare earths are up as much as 20 percent from last year
  215. A truly shitty story!
  216. See which ASX listed companies have praseodymium, neodymium, dysprosium, and terbium
  217. GGG - 593 million pounds U3O8, 11.13 million tonnes TREO
  218. GGG: Kvanefjeld Feasibility Study
  219. Alkane's DZP output to change face of H-REE supply
  220. Lynas plant risks are intrinsically low: Malaysia is now a high sovereign risk countr
  221. Hastings Resources- ASX:HAS - new neodymium-rich deposit
  222. Lynas? revenues jump 74% as rare earths production rises
  223. Alkane getting more good press
  224. Rare Earth trading volume up 277%
  225. Rare Earth Elements Market Analysis: $10.96 billion in 2020
  226. Alakne Resources Australia's "golden" strategic metals
  227. China's Rare Earths DEMAND to soar by 50% Reuters
  228. ASX: GGG Kvanefjeld Refinery Pilot Plant Yields Excellent Initial Results
  229. ASX: HAS -Yangibana Confirmed as a Major Neodymium Project
  230. ASX: GGG world's largest undeveloped REE resource - Refinery Piloting Success
  231. Understanding Rare Earths infographic
  232. USA - Rare Earths in disarray
  233. HAS raising: 28% premium to last quoted price - 42% premium last 30 days
  234. China to extend protection of rare earth industry
  235. Hastings Resources (ASX: HAS) jumps the JORC
  236. Rare Earth prices surging 1Q 2017
  237. Global demand for the 17 rare earths is expected to increase by a CAGR of 13.67%
  238. Arafura (ASX: ARU) (“Arafura”) provides an NdPr update
  239. Alkane moving fowards
  240. Hastings announces first MOU with Baotou Sky Rock for supply of Mixed Rare Earth
  241. Hastings announces second MOU