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  27. Torrens Key to S Australia being national renewable energy hub
  28. Govt's picking renewable energy winners and Australia will be the loser
  29. Geothermal will provide Australia with cheaper Electricity
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  31. New Rules Put a Freeze Coal Plants
  32. New Rules Put a Freeze Coal Plants
  33. Australian Hot Rockers with LARGE overseas footprints
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  35. Petratherm get @x Mkt Cap Govt. Grant
  36. Federal boost for geothermal projects
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  38. AUSTRALIA is set to host the 2015 World Geothermal Congress
  39. Geothermal Probably is tHE baseload alternative for Australia
  40. Geothermal Probably is THE baseload alternative for Australia
  41. Petratherm shows GDY how to drill well.
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  43. Perth CSIRO-UWA JV to cool Perth with geothermal energy
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