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  1. Australian Gas
  2. Deep Coal 1000m + UGC trial
  3. Australian Coal-Seam Gas Output Rose 39%
  4. Australian Gas Shares breaking upwards
  5. Investing in Oil and Gas
  6. Santos ASX Code:STO to plant millions of trees
  7. Lakes Oil finds Co2 free Methane
  8. Gas local and global share indices +ve
  9. Coal Seam Gas Boom in Eastern Australia
  10. Gas indices global and Australia +ve
  11. Gas taking off -amex xng
  12. Gas Share Indices rising strongly
  13. Gas as a viable Alternative transition fuel
  14. Gas Share Indices Charts Data Upload
  15. Australian Gas Shares Index Update
  16. Global Gas Shares Index Update
  17. Waste gas stream to ethanol biotechnology breakthrough
  18. Is GAS trending up?
  19. Campaign to destabilise Australia's CSM
  20. Natural Gas Index strongly +ve
  21. Copenhagen’s winners = Australia's Gas and Uranium companies
  22. Time to look at Metagasco again?
  23. Producer gas
  24. Australia to replace Canada's Natural Gas decline
  25. Gas share indexes +ve
  26. The formation conditions of natural gas
  27. EPA Moves to Regulate Smokestack Gases
  28. Australia Approves Gas Sale to China
  29. Gas shares Indexes about to go BANG?
  30. USA DOE backs Syngas Developement Projects
  31. MPO strong uptrend on Nasdaq
  32. solid-oxide fuel cells to produce power without emitting greenhouse gases
  33. CTP begins Perdika program Targeting 70TCF
  34. OBL initiates CSM study area in the Canning
  35. CTP's Coal Seam Gas Exploration Roaring Ahead
  36. CTP: A Complete Package - The OIL and Gas Year
  37. Australia‘s most powerful onsite power plants fueled by waste coal mine gas
  38. EPA says Natural gas drops emissions
  39. Arrow Energy ASX AOE: Arrow increases 2P reserves by 50%
  40. Gas to liquid technology (GLT) and Cobalt
  41. Molopo announces major reserves upgrade to Mungi/Harcourt area.
  42. Australian Gas Shares Index -makes me smile
  43. Metagasco the big winner from BHP's failed Hunter litigation?
  44. China widening its Energy Holdings and Boosts Australian Gas Companies
  45. Australia's GOT GAS -the view from Canada
  46. Global and Australian Gas Indexes up
  47. Australian GAS Shares Index -blasting off?
  48. China replaces USA as peak energy consumer
  49. Natural gas to meet world energy demand
  50. Global and Australian Gas Indexes up
  51. http://www.australian-gas.com/australian-gas-share-index-chart.html
  52. BPH backdoor play for PEP 11 Bigger than Gorgon?
  53. Coal Seam Methane Power Stations: Qld and NSW
  54. Use of Co2 for Oil Recovery
  55. CO2 Transportation for CCS - Innovative Ideas?
  56. Gas independence for Perth Vs Water Quality?
  57. Shale Gas Canadian Minister not happy
  58. Queensland Gas Industry gets thumbs up
  59. Queensland to dump shale gas restrictions?
  60. Sino Gas ASX SEH
  61. Sino Gas ASX SEH
  62. Molopo Oil and Gas projects now a free carry
  63. PEP 11 Advent Energy update for the Sydney off-shore basin
  64. Gas share indexes updated - Marked divergence between the Aussie and the Global
  65. Oil Price Vs Gas Price
  66. CTP surging on good news from Georgina and other basins
  68. The Shale Gas Shock: worthwhile and thought provoking
  69. Australian Gas Share Index downwards trend
  70. Australian Gas Share index still not better after a week
  71. ASX: SEH backdoor into China's emerging unconventional gas sector
  72. Australian gas Share Index has broken upwards?
  73. The answer to: Has the Gas share index broken upwards is?
  74. The Australia Gas 2011 Conference
  75. CTP Mkt Cap AU$60m: Five billion dollar estimate for central Australian oil and gas
  76. Coal Seam Methane Video "The Gas Rush".... mega scary.
  77. Central Petroleum Ltd (CTP) Richard Cottee Era Officially Begins
  78. ASX: SEH - China Shale Oil
  79. Heavy news flow for CTP's emerging petroleum province
  80. CTP: An exciting research report
  81. Social Media campaigns
  82. Santos ties into CTP's gas acreage away from farmlands
  83. CTP gets another outperform by DJ Carmichael oil & Gas research
  84. Negative Phase of the Arctic Oscillation - Increased gas demand in USA
  85. Russia Vs Ukraine: oil and gas
  86. Shale Gas News Gale
  87. China's golden age of gas is starting ASX: SEH right there.
  88. Australia will supply 50% of new world LNG exports
  89. LINC to start unlocking up to 100+ billion barrels oil equivalent - Arckaringa Basin
  90. China shift to Gas number 1 priority: ASX SEH in sweet spot
  91. East Coast Gas Shortfall
  92. Sino Gas & Energy 45% increase in Expected Monetary valuation to US$2.3b
  93. Central Petroleum 200 petajoules for NSW and Victoria
  94. Gas is cleaner than coal and oil
  95. Russia able to disrupt gas supplies to slected European countries.
  96. Armour Energy Australia's vast new shale province flowing gas
  97. Linc's 24.6 million unexplored shale oil and gas acres
  98. Australia has vast, under explored, areas with oil and gas basins
  99. NT and NSW sign gas pipeline MOU -
  100. Australia front and center in the shifting global energy dynamic
  101. CSG can thrive in wake of plummeting oil price
  102. Sino Gas and Energy 166% increase proved reserves in the heart of China
  103. India wants Australia's LNG
  104. USA's gas storage 13% below 5 year average
  105. Gas takes over from Coal for electric power generation
  106. Central Petroleum ready to supply the east coast gas shortfall
  107. Gas replacing coal for electricity production - USA
  109. NT Link Project: Gas pipeline proposal looks set to go through Mount Isa
  110. Australia the world's largest LNG exporter by 2018
  111. Environmentally beneficial LNG becoming competitive with coal for power production
  112. Unconventional gas is environmentally friendly if.......
  113. Gas cheapest energy source for electricity out to 2025
  114. Santos: First LNG cargo shipped from Gladstone GLNG
  115. Central Petroleum - Cash flow to equal Mkt Cap by 2017 - an annuity stream
  116. Australia and the USA gas - plenty of demand
  117. Forbes: Gas price rise in 2016 inevitable
  118. Bakken active drill rigs down 80%
  119. Governments in eastern Australia must pull out all stops to abort gas shortages
  120. PEP11 project is ideally placed to provide gas into the east coast gas network
  121. LNG - Demand expected to surpass contracted supply early next decade
  122. India's gas supply deficit to widen from 78 million cubic metres a day to 117 -2020
  123. GLNG train 2 start-up adds to Santos' LNG portfolio
  124. Natural gas overtakes coal usage in the USA
  125. Central Petroleum is now the largest onshore gas producer in the Northern Territory
  126. New Ceramic Membrane Enables Direct Conversion of Natural Gas To Liquids
  127. LNG demand 2015 - 2030 by country -500% increase in demand
  128. Less than one days surplus gas (USA)
  129. Australian Gas Demand Vs Supply to 2036
  130. Australian Gas: Best reference in depth by Energy Quest
  131. Armour Energy commences gas sales from Kincora project
  132. The energy solution for Australia's eastern seaboard energy
  133. Casino's new biohub venture: Our regional energy breakthrough in the making
  134. Australian LNG Exports 2006 - 2017 (volume and value chart)