View Full Version : Linc and Central Petroleum can secure Australia's OIL future needs

11-06-2009, 04:22 AM
UNDERGROUND coal gasification proponent Linc Energy has said that exploration drilling at its Sapex tenements in South Australia has identified a coal deposit that could host a UCG project.

Xenith Consulting estimated that the area within PEL 120 could hold a coal resource of 1.0-1.3 billion metric tonnes following its review of the five exploration wells that intersected coal seams of up to 23m thick at depths of 200-293m, archive seismic and gravity data, along with previous water bore and mineral exploration drilling.

Linc said the deposit was at an ideal depth for UCG and this was the best UCG location and coal deposit it had drilled or examined to date.

"1.3 billion metric tons that could be suitable for coal gasification."

"Linc added the Orroroo deposit could support 500 megawatts of gas-fired power as well as produce 20,000 barrels of fuels per day for about 75 years."

So now we have to have a look at CTP's trillion+ tons of deep, thick -up to 90m, UCG suitable Perdika coal..... 20,000 BOE per day for 75,000 years or 200,000 BOE for 750 years or.....

Australia the lucky energy country...

Underground Coal Gasification - syngas to liquids (http://www.ucg-gtl.com/) (www.UCG-GTL.com)

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