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07-04-2011, 02:58 AM
Oh what a wonderful day.... for years I have been pointing out the amazing potential that Central Petroleum represents... today's report "11.07.04 UCG Independent Valuation Bakers Group (http://www.centralpetroleum.com.au/files/downloads/asset_overview_-_ctp_-_central_petroleum_-_july_2011_-_final.pdf)" by Bakers Investment Group's vindicates my thinking....

"Obviously the potential value of this resource is enormous, and difficult to accurately assess. As further exploration data becomes available and ?extractible? deposits are better defined the true value will become clearer. Across the entire tenement holding of CTP it is potentially into the tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars."

Obviously the potential value of this resource is enormous, and difficult to accurately assess.
The valuation is considered as a gross estimation based on very broad assumptions and the publicly available information. Although indicating an unrisked, prospective value of at least $2.00 per share for commercialising these assets using UCG, a significant amount of work is required to fine tune these numbers significantly enough to create a project. Specifically:1. Further exploration work is needed to better define the extent and characteristics of the potential deposit.
2. Hydrology and overburden characteristics need to be better understood to be sure that UCG is feasible at the location.
3. A trial would need to be undertaken to confirm gas quantity and quality, and to finalise the field design parameters.
4. Assessment of carbon price implications and EOR opportunities
An approximate budget to adequately undertake the required exploration, and to develop and implement a UCG trial is estimated to be in the range of $20M to $50M depending on the monitoring requirements and site specific issues. CTP has recently (ASX announcement 28 June 2011) that it has entered into an agreement with Allied Resources Partners Pty Ltd (ARP) to oversee the sourcing of funding and technology to meet their UCG goals.In addition, to move forward a UCG project based on these estimated reserves, government legislation and regulatory issues with respect to UCG in the Northern Territory need to be finalised.


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07-04-2011, 03:57 AM
If you are interested in CTP you really need to see the latest WilsonHTM's Australian Shale Gas Sector report.... the figures are stunning.