View Full Version : Central Petroleum ASX: CTP "The only way is up"

03-21-2012, 01:32 AM
The article in today's Energynews.net brings a smile to my dial. I invested in CTP several years ago and the recent rash of broker reports and articles like the one shown in the image are now coming thick and fast.


The ASX announcement does a great job of outlining what the excitement is about. 12.03.20 Edison Investment Research Report CTP (http://www.asx.com.au/asx/statistics/displayAnnouncement.do?display=pdf&idsId=01280423)

If you'd like a blow by blow account you can follow my posts on CTP on my Australian Shares.com blog (http://www.australian-shares.com/forums/search?Search=CTP).

I wonder if there is a better energy unloved elephant on our ASX?

Latest news: http://www.centralpetroleum.com.au/irm/content/news-media2.aspx?RID=356

ASX announcement: http://www.centralpetroleum.com.au/irm/ShowCategory.aspx?CategoryId=8&FilterStyle=B&archive=true&masterpage=3&year=2014&RID=353

Morgans - Central and Significant (http://www.centralpetroleum.com.au/IRM/Company/ShowPage.aspx/PDFs/1985-67670385/MorgansCentralandSignificant)