View Full Version : LINC's first day on the SGX up - A sign of things to come

12-18-2013, 01:30 PM
Linc Energy enters SGX Mainboard

It has a market cap of $690m.

In a release, Singapore Exchange announced the listing of Linc Energy Ltd on Mainboard, under the stock code of TI6.

Linc Energy is a diversified energy company with operating control of a global portfolio of conventional and unconventional oil, gas and coal assets. The company has offices and operations in various geographic locations including United States, Uzbekistan, Poland and Australia. - See more at: http://sbr.com.sg/markets-investing/more-news/linc-energy-enters-sgx-mainboard#sthash.tpMYceyf.dpuf

My Take: Linc Energy seems to have a good day one on the SGX up ~28%.

8,000,000 million shares traded at SGD= SGD$ 1.43 = ~AUD$1.28 a substantial price uplift from their last day open on the ASX at $0.995

ASX: LNC to be delisted.

New SGX (Singapore Stock Exchange) code is TI6. Trading began on the 18th-12-2013

It is tradeable on etrade's global platform.


I have posted quite a lot about LINC (http://www.australian-shares.com/forums/search?Search=linc) over the past years and have a lot of interest in their novel, proven, UCG-GTL technology (http://www.ucg-gtl.com).

This will be remembered as a one of our Queensland Govt's great follies (http://www.australian-shares.com/forums/discussion/6792/qld-s-vendetta-against-ucg-causes-lnc-s-departure-from-qld./#Item_5) but will also provide a "model" for technology rich energy and mineral companies to migrate to where money coupled with foresight is.

12-24-2013, 04:24 AM
Watch Linc on the SGX live (http://www.google.com/finance?q=SGX%3ATI6&ei=SlCyUrDbBoKSiQLiuAE%20you%20can%20watch%20it%20 all%20live%20there)