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05-29-2014, 02:12 PM
The products from a GTL facility are in direct competition with products produced by crude-oil refining; therefore, the growth of GTL is dependent on the price of crude oil. One way to review GTL products is to compare the cost of producing these GTL products with the cost of products from a crude-oil refinery. Hence, a minimum crude-oil price level will be required to support future GTL projects. GTL technology providers claim that a crude-oil price of U.S. $15 to $20/bbl results in a profitable GTL project. The impact of crude-oil price on GTL product prices is one of the major obstacles to widespread commercialization of GTL.

GTL is an emerging technology. Although there are few plants in construction phase, there is considerable activity around the world by major oil companies. Reduction in capital costs and reasonable projections of the crude-oil price will be instrumental in the success of GTL as a gas monetization option.


1 History (http://petrowiki.org/Gas_to_liquids_%28GTL%29#History)
2 Gas-to-liquid process (http://petrowiki.org/Gas_to_liquids_%28GTL%29#Gas-to-liquid_process)

2.1 Syngas generation (http://petrowiki.org/Gas_to_liquids_%28GTL%29#Syngas_generation)
2.2 Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (http://petrowiki.org/Gas_to_liquids_%28GTL%29#Fischer-Tropsch_synthesis)
2.3 Product upgrading (http://petrowiki.org/Gas_to_liquids_%28GTL%29#Product_upgrading)

3 Screening criteria (http://petrowiki.org/Gas_to_liquids_%28GTL%29#Screening_criteria)
4 Key considerations (http://petrowiki.org/Gas_to_liquids_%28GTL%29#Key_considerations)

4.1 Economics (http://petrowiki.org/Gas_to_liquids_%28GTL%29#Economics)

4.1.1 Gas price (http://petrowiki.org/Gas_to_liquids_%28GTL%29#Gas_price)
4.1.2 Capital costs (http://petrowiki.org/Gas_to_liquids_%28GTL%29#Capital_costs)
4.1.3 Operating costs (http://petrowiki.org/Gas_to_liquids_%28GTL%29#Operating_costs)

4.2 Commercialization of gas-to-liquid technology (http://petrowiki.org/Gas_to_liquids_%28GTL%29#Commercialization_of_gas-to-liquid_technology)
4.3 Proprietary nature of technology and licensing (http://petrowiki.org/Gas_to_liquids_%28GTL%29#Proprietary_nature_of_tec hnology_and_licensing)
4.4 Crude oil pricing (http://petrowiki.org/Gas_to_liquids_%28GTL%29#Crude_oil_pricing)

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