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Sparty 04-16-2014 06:51 AM

Green Rock Energy told no oil payload no drilling
A geothermal drilling project in Western Australia's Mid West region has come to an early end- apparently because one of the partners decided that there was not enough hydrocarbons to make the drilling program worthwhile.
Aspiring geothermal developers Green Rock Energy has partnered with oil and gas exploration and production company AWE for the Mid West Geothermal Energy Project, which was announced in March, 2013.

According to Green Rock and Pacific Hydro, the region could have enough geothermal resources to host a 25MW demonstration plant, and over time "the potential of hundreds of megawatts of generation". The Mid West region, a booming mining province, has been cited as a potential hot spot for renewable technologies such as geothermal and solar.

But the geothermal program has foundered, and may lose more than $12 million in proposed government funding support, according to Green Rock, because AWE had withdrawn because the region did "not provide the hydrocarbon value it requires to continue with the project." more

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