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Sparty 11-18-2011 02:05 AM

Hot Rocks news flow
Hot Dry Rocks confirms power reserves

EcoGeneration - 2 hours ago
The data, released by Australian geothermal consultancy Hot Dry Rocks, is the result of a new global protocol developed in partnership with Google and a ...

Hot rocks abundant, but untapped

Adelaide Now - Clare Peddie - 3 days ago
SOUTH Australia has enough geothermal energy in "hot rocks" to replace coal ... Geothermal energy consultancy Hot Dry Rocks has worked with Google and hot ...
NT has plenty of hot-rock power‎

Thermal might one day power the capital‎ The Canberra Times

Can geothermal cut it in Australia?

Climate Spectator - Giles Parkinson - 1 day ago
The latest geothermal industry estimates ? a collaboration between consulting group Hot Dry Rocks and Google ? try to inject a little more reality to the ...
Energy from hot rocks abounds

Read about Australia's Hot Rock Energy companies, videos and more

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