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Sparty 02-10-2021 01:07 AM

ASM Titanium powder passes 3D printing test
ASX:ASM Titanium Powder Approved for 3D Printing by Korean Advanced Manufacturing Company
9 February 2021

ASM has received confirmation of its high-purity titanium powder from HANA AMT, a Korean 3D printing group. HANA AMT performed a detailed analysis of 20kg of the titanium powder, confirming a purity of 99.918%.

• Independent 3D-printed metal part producer HANA AMT has confirmed the high purity of ASM’s titanium powder.
• A 75kg/day run of titanium (Ti) metal powder was successfully produced by Ziron Tech at a pilot scale (metal purity 99.918%).
• Significant environmental benefits of ASM’s novel metal process were confirmed by HANA AMT.

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