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Default China and Japan going head to head over REEs

Today's The Australian online news has a great story that explores the looming battle between China and Japan over China's attempt to corner the market for the most vital components of the 21st Century's Electron Economy.

As I have frequently posted Australian ASX listed companies have equal amounts of these Rare Earth Elements as China and China is countering this by taking substantial positions in those companies.

Currently we have three companies that remain without Chinese interests having a large stake. Due to them being microcaps in terms of their Market Caps they are extremely vulnerable and yet perversely Australian investors are still not supporting them.

I predict that those that do will have multi-baggers on their hands in a few short years. Sure, high risk but astronomical rewards await the brave. If you'd like to understand more about this field visit

Exceprt from The Australian Story:

JAPAN is readying itself for a potential showdown with China at the World Trade Organisation as Beijing considers plans to strangle global supplies of rare earth metals -- the "green" lanthanide metals used in hundreds of environmental and military technologies.

Light show: The rare earth metals yttrium and europium are used in energy-efficient compact flurorescent lights. Picture: Bloomberg

Global supply of the rare-earth metals, which are vital to the mechanisms of hybrid cars, wind turbines, iPods, lasers, super-efficient light bulbs and radar systems, is 95 per cent controlled by China.

The country's dominance of the market is the result of a deliberate, 20-year bid by Beijing to cast itself as the "OPEC of rare earth metals.

China's apparent plans to tighten the leash on world lanthanide supplies come on the eve of a landmark decision by the Australian government on the future of Lynas, one of its leading rare-earth mining companies.

Read story

Visit Australian Rare Earths to see who has what and the incredibly cheap ASX listed companies that could allow Australia to become a/the dominant player.
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