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Default Rare Earth Metals News Flows: from China to recycling

Today's rare earth metals news seems to indicate that the Rare Earth dragon is again getting set to roar.
Daily update June 6, 2014

Is It Time You Gambled on Rare Earth Elements?
Wall St. Cheat Sheet
A few years ago, rare earth elements (REEs) and the shares of REE producers "particularly Molycorp (NYSE:MCP)" were on every investor's radar.

New Rare Earths Taxes and Rules Could Drive Prices Up
Rare Earth Investing News
Bloomberg reported that China is looking at introducing "new taxes and regulations"for rare earths this June. They are expected to push prices higher.

Real unobtaniums: The rise and rise of rare earths
The Phuket News
These unobtaniums are better known as "rare earths", and many of the 21st century gadgets that we take for granted would not exist without these ...

Cleaner way to make rare-earths
US technology start-up Infinium is ramping up development of a new "clean" way to produce rare-earth metals that are key for wind turbine permanent ...

Northern Minerals Won't Sell Minority Interest in Browns Range Project
Rare Earth Investing News
Northern Minerals Ltd. (ASX:NTU) has decided not to sell its minority interest in the Western Australia-based Browns Range heavy rare earths project.

These Are the Rare and Precious Metals Mined From Inside Old Electronics
Gizmodo India
... these devices and "reverse engineered" the process of building them, gleaning shards and fragments of the rare earth metals and precious metals ...

Innovation Metals Corp. to Participate in US Department of Defense Rare-Earth Project and ...
TORONTO, June 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Innovation Metals Corp. (IMC or the Company) today announced its participation in a new $1.2M rare-earth ...

Wall Street Fundamentals Releases New In-Depth Stock Reports on AVL, MCP, QRM and REE
China currently accounts for approximately 90.0 percent of the world's rare earth production. The seventeen chemical elements are used in many ...

China's Rare-Earth Stocks Advance While Coal Producers Retreat
Chinese rare-earth stocks jumped amid speculation the government will end ... the country will soon end tariffs and quotas on exports of rare earths.

China Preparing to Cancel Tariffs on Rare Earth Exports -source
China is responsible for more than 90 percent of global rare earth production, giving it a choke-hold over the supply of 17 elements with a wide range ...
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