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Default China to squeeze REE supply in 2014 - Quota down 60% from 2009

Quote: As you know, the export quotas do not reflect the reality of actual rare-earth exports from China, given the quantities that are exported outside of official channels. Sticking with the quotas though for a moment, if Inner Mongolia Baotou Hefa Rare Earth Co. is allocated a quota as part of the first round, and if it was similar to last year (455 t) then the total first allocation would be 15,565 t. If 15,565 t represents 70% of the total quota for 2014, then we could expect 22,236 t for next year. That represents less than 72% of the 2013 number. Either way, the numbers for 2014 are likely to be significantly lower than 2013."

Read full article

"A recent Goldman Sachs report states that HREEs are expected to remain in deficit and therefore become even more valuable. While China and other rare earth-producing countries will have a surplus of light rare earth elements from 2013 onwards, the world will see a shortage of heavy rare earths, the report notes." more

Read about Australian Rare Earth companies and more at
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Default China leads world on shift to green energy -

Wind power and solar require rare earths, silver and several other green metals for production plus Lithium and Vanadium for storage.

It is interesting that China is dropping its REE export quotas in 20014. In earlier posts I have argued that this would occur as China is well aware that its population requires, and will not continue to tolerate poor air quality, and so would shift to green energy as soon as possible. Given that the Heavy Rare Earths are in worldwide supply shortage it makes sense that China restricts H-REEs exports as in terms of REE resources : population ratio - China is one of the world's poorest countries. (Greenland and Australia are the world's richest).

Given that Australia has several ASX listed companies with world class Heavy Rare Earths resources on the verge of production Australia seems to be well placed to fill the emerging supply deficits. is designed to give investors an overview of Australia's REE companies.

China's renewable energy - a green shift

China responding to clean air - see chart above.

These results for 2013 reveal just how strongly China is swinging behind renewables as its primary energy resource. This is consistent with the 12th Five Year Plan (running from 2011 to 2015) which projects that China will be generating 30 per cent of its electric power from non-fossil sources overall by 2015. This is a level far higher than comparable industrialised countries. Read more

One of the big surprises is likely to come from silver but this is a topic for another day. But I have explored this in my Australian Gold Blog
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