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Default Ferguson talking up Australian Uranium

Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson says the uranium industry remains central to Australia's future, despite efforts by the Greens to demonise it since the Fukushima nuclear accident.

Speaking at an international uranium conference in Perth, Mr Ferguson conceded the Japanese earthquake and tsunami had raised serious questions about the safety of nuclear energy.

But he said the meltdown of reactor cores at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in March would lead to greater safety standards for nuclear power plants.

"What Fukushima will not do is change the fundamental drivers, the increasing population and increasing demand for energy that are behind the desire by some nations for more nuclear power," Mr Ferguson said.

"Accordingly, demand for uranium to fuel those reactors will continue."
Mr Ferguson said he was confident the recent expansion in uranium mining would continue in the wake of Fukushima, with much of the activity happening in Western Australia.

With the final investment decision expected next year on the expansion of South Australia's Olympic Dam and the opening up of the Woomera Prohibited Area, Australia would be central to the growth of the international uranium industry. Read the full article

Personally I think Australia's uranium producers are on a hiding to nothing with the Green tinged Senate coming in July. It is hard to imagine otherwise... the share market seems to agree...... see the Australian Uranium Share Index
The Australian Uranium Index tracks the performance of all companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange that have a primary focus on the exploration and production of Uranium.Data is updated to the 8/6/2011. But note the stellar performance of AEE today... being off-shore has its advantages.
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