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Default Australia Can Dominate the REE space

The solution to this current problem of Chinese dominance probably lies within several Australian companies with substantial (JORC) Rare Earth Deposits. The problem is that Australia's Rare Earth Companies have miniscule market caps (below $100m) and consequently are very vulnerable. One Australian company has already seen China based interests take a major stake and if this were to continue then Australia may well lose its chance to become the world's swing producer.
Australian companies could go well beyong being "swing" producers and actually challenge China as the world's dominant supplier. Clearly the race is on and we can only hope that the Australian investing public are watching and perhaps the Australian Govt. could help with a "flow through share relief scheme".

The Solution:


Note that the Greenland deposit is owned by Australia's Greenland Mining and Energy (ASX Code:GGG)

Visit for more information.
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