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Default Greenland Mineral and Energy HUGE REE deposit

Greenland Minerals and Energy confirms huge Rare Earth Resource in Greenland Nice to see this story published today by Proactive Investor confirming that GGG is a goer... Investors may not have twigged to the news, but Greenland Minerals and Energy (ASX: GGG) released an upbeat new resource statement in resource rich Greenland at Kvanefjeld. Previously perceived as a uranium play, the new rare earth resource of 4.8 million tonnes of Rare Earth Oxide (REO) has surely added new upside for Greenland. At 4.8 mt REO, the new resource statement confirms Kvanefjeld as one of the largest global rare earth resources. Importantly, 79% of REO, zinc and uranium resources are in the Indicated category, with 21% Inferred. The multi-element resource is inclusive of rare earth oxide (REO), zinc, uranium and sodium fluoride. The new Resource Statement estimates the inventory of contained metal within a 457,000,000 tonne ore body to be: - 4.91 Mt of Total Rare Earth Oxide - 0.99 Mt of Zinc - 0.12 Mt of Uranium Oxide. - 3.09 Mt of Sodium Fluoride The Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) is on-schedule for completion late in the third quarter, 2009. Preliminary metallurgical testwork has confirmed the suitability of an alkaline leach approach for separating and recovering the rare earths. China holds a virtual monopoly on the supply of rare earth elements from China. And now with recent acquisitions by Chinese interests of major deposits outside China of Arafura Resources (ASX: ARU) and effective acquisition of Lynas Corporation (ASX: LYC) there is even less western supply. Rare earths are essential for use in high tech and green industries such as wind turbines, plasma televisions, mobile phones and hybrid car batteries. While Greenland, as a nation, has itself been wrestling with how to un-lock vast its vast mineral wealth, for other countries such as Japan and South Korea finding reliable supply outside of China is paramount. In-principle support for uranium production as a byproduct of multi-element exploration was given in the transfer from the Danish Crown to Greenland as part of the self governing transition. While not without risk, investors may just find that market forces and a push from the east as well as a successful PFS may assist to fast-track Greenlands Minerals and Energy's rare earth endowment at Kvanefjeld and its market valuation.
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Default To close to town?

The hazards of investing in small countries has just been highlighted with recent reports emanating from Greenland suggesting that one of the world's largest rare earth deposits might not be allowed to be mined because it is too close to a major town.

(A bit like Qld and Uranium)

I will keep updating on this story as it emerges.....
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Default GGG: Former Greenlandic Prime Minister appointed Chairman

Former Greenlandic Prime Minister appointed Chairman of Greenland Subsidiary
• Former Prime Minister of Greenland, Lars Emil Johansen appointed Chairman of subsidiary,
• Greenland Minerals Chairman Mike Hutchinson and prominent Greenlandic businessman Ole Ramlau-Hansen also appointed,
• New appointments to play a strategic role within the development of the Kvanefjeld project, and
• Company on track to complete Pre-feasibility study Q409.
Australian-based mineral exploration and development company Greenland Minerals and Energy Limited (ASX: GGG) (“Greenland Minerals” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce further additions to the executive ranks of the Greenland Minerals Group, with significant appointments being made to its Greenlandic subsidiary, Greenland Minerals and Energy (Trading) A/S, which is the operating company in Greenland.
Lars Emil Johansen (Greenland) will be joining as chairman of the subsidiary board, with current Greenland Minerals chairman Mike Hutchinson and respected Greenlandic businessman Ole Ramlau-Hansen also joining as directors.
Lars Emil, who is 62 years old and educated as a teacher, has been at the forefront of Greenlandic politics since 1970 when he was elected to the Greenland Country Council, the highest political authority in Greenland before the inception of the Greenlandic parliament after the constitutional change to Home Rule in 1979.
He was a member of the Danish parliament from 1973-1979 and then again from 2001 until now where he still sits as one of two elected members to represent Greenland. Lars Emil will retain his role within the Danish parliament until the next Danish general election. He has been Minister in charge of the majority of portfolios available in the Greenland Government and was also the Prime Minister from 1991-1997.
He has been Chairman of the Board of many companies including the two largest companies in Greenland namely Royal Greenland and Air Greenland.
Lars Emil takes on the role of Chairman of Greenland Minerals and Energy A/S effective from July 1st. The Company is very pleased to have attracted a man of Lars Emil’s stature in Greenland and looks forward to his full time involvement. Lars Emil is recognised as being pivotal in Greenland’s move to self governing and ultimately independence. “I see my role with Greenland Minerals and Energy as a way to lay the foundations for the establishment of a strong minerals industry here in Greenland” Lars Emil stated.
He went on to add “I have always been passionate about my country. I see mining as an industry that is extremely important to support and sustain Greenland’s recently won freedoms. A strong minerals industry will provide the foundation for our financial independence, which will ensure a successful transition to political independence”. Lars Emil has also been awarded the Danish Order of the Dannebrog and the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit, as well as two types of the Nersornaat, The Silver Nersornaat and the Golden Nersornaat (the Greenland Medal for Meritorious Service).

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