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Default Australia's cheapest uranium +REEs


The Kvanefjeld REE deposit in southern Greenland is growing rapidly to become one of the largest deposit of REEs in the world. It has the potential to meet the world’s rapidly growing demand for REEs, and in doing so, can become a major contributor to the Greenland economy for decades to come. At Greenland Minerals and Energy, we believe that Kvanefjeld will be truly world class mineral deposit that can be developed in a responsible, environmentally conscious manner, to become one of the world’s major sources of Rare Earth Elements - “Specialty Metals for a Greener World”.

GGG has almost as much uranium as EXT. Plus they have 2/3 more value in their Rare Earth Element... the looming battle ground for the move to the electron based economy. So for a very small market cap of around $35m you get 200m pounds of uranium and one of the world's largest REE deposits.
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