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Default Dines claims: He is the origional Rare Earths Bug

Well Jim you are a bit late... just ask Jack Lifton when he started to publish on the REEs.

I have been investing in the REEs and Lithium over the last 3 years. As I see it they are the vitamins for the coming electron-economy and as such present very rare investment opportunities.

Furthermore Australian companies have a rich endowment of REE's and possibly will soon overwhelm China's current dominance. At the least Australia will become the "swing producer" but there is a chance we will become the world's major supplier especially as China is now passing laws, almost monthly, raising export restrictions and taxes on exports.

The investment rewards are vast as our compnaies with REEs and Lithium have very small market caps so the upside is enormous.

The article that spurred me to write yet gain about Australia's REEs and Lithium is excepted below:
The next big investment bubble - obscure metals

By Dominic Frisby Aug 21, 2009

"t's a lovely feeling when you own a stock and the chart goes vertical. It's not a common occurrence and it's one that seems to be reserved for small caps, particularly those in the technology and mineral exploration sectors, which explains the draw they have for speculators.
But I notice in recent weeks that one entire sector has gone ballistic – lithium. Just about every company that is exploring for this reactive silvery-white metal has seen its stock price double. Why?"

"for rare earth metals (more on these in a moment) the story has been even more exciting. This is Quest Uranium (CA:QUC), who have some exciting rare earth metals properties in Canada. The price has shot up from 4c to C$1.50 in four months!"

Click here to read the full story

Visit Australian Rare Earths to get an investors viewpoint and if you'd like to know about Australian Lithium visit Australian Lithium and if you have got this far then you might like to know what I consider will be the biggest and strongest resource play for the 21st century so have a look at this. As this will be where you'll probably get rich.
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