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Default Petratherm and Green Rock get thumbs up

ASX listed PTR and GRK have been rated as Australia's most likely to succeed Hot Rock Energy plays.

I hold both so I am both delighted and biased.

Here is an excerpt of the story from Today's The Australian.

FIVE companies last week each received $7m during the latest handout from the Federal government's geothermal drilling fund. This coincides with a substantial report from Goldman Sachs JBWere on the sector.

The report’s authors have come with a valuation system that includes resource quality, technical risk, proximity to transmission lines, financing capability and development options. Companies that come out on top using this system are Green Rock Energy and Petratherm, followed by Panax Geothermal and Torrens Energy.

The report says that Green Rock holds a diversified portfolio of geothermal projects in Western Australia, South Australian and Hungary. Its initial focus is producing electricity for the University of Western Australia which, if successful, will be expanded to supplying other parts of Perth.

Petratherm has just completed drilling the first well at the Paralana project in South Australia; if all goes well, the idea is to begin by supplying electricity to the Beverly uranium mine.

Whilst not wanting to be seen as a smart arse it is quite amazing that the Australian broking houses have had their heads so far up their rear ends that they haven't bothered to do their due diligence on the sector and that such weight is being placed on the above mentioned report. I personally know many retail investors that are streets ahead of them on this.... One broking house WilsonsHTM do have a a Geothermal monthly analysis but for the rest....?????

If you would like to know about Hot Rock Energy: has a lot of information about the Australia's Hot Rock Energy plays including the different models, market caps, images and videos etc.

Historical Timelines
The case for Hot Rock Energy
Hot Rock Energy Videos
The Australian Advantage
Images of Hot Rock Energy Systems
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