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Old 04-04-2013, 06:36 AM
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Default LINC to clean up Poland's electricity production?

With almost 98% of Poland's electricity produced by coal fired power plants, and stranded coal resources measuring in the billions of tonnes, energy independence is easily within reach in Poland with the introduction of Underground Coal Gasification technology.

Linc Energy is currently working to confirm the suitability of coal resources in Poland for UCG and demonstrate that its proprietary technology can be deployed commercially in that region. There is one major region of focus at present: the Polanka Wielkie Drogi (PWD) exploration licence held by Linc Energy located in the Upper Silesian Basin.

PWD covers 212km2 and hosts some 1.2Bt of sub-bituminous and bituminous coals in seams thicker than one metre and with seams up to seven metres thick. Linc Energy commenced exploration on 10 September 2012, and confirmed in the first two boreholes the existence of potentially suitable coal seams for UCG. The plan is to complete the third and fourth boreholes over the next few months. Once the samples of coal, seam roof rock and seam floor rock are recovered from the boreholes, they will be submitted to a variety of laboratory tests the result of which will be combined with the overall evaluation of the PWD area in order to conclude whether UCG-suitable coal occurs there.

Linc Energy is also currently in discussions with local government agencies to ensure that all relevant environmental regulations and processes are in place ready for the UCG production licence application.

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Old 06-24-2013, 02:02 PM
Sparty Sparty is online now
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Posts: 1,591
Default Good overview about LNC being the world's UCG/UCG-GTL prime mover

24/06/13 Title: Milestone UCG ... - Linc Energy
Linc Energy Ltd. Date of Lodgement 240613. Title Company Insight Milestone UCG Developments.
Record of interview
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