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Old 07-07-2014, 11:10 PM
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Default LINC commences cleaning up Poland's gas supply

Linc Energy to commence underground coal gasification operation in Poland

Monday, July 7, 2014

Linc Energy Ltd (SGX:TI6) (OTCQX: LNCGY) announce that it has gained initial approval from the Polish Ministry of the Environment to commence an Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) project in Poland.

  • Total UCG gas production from Linc Energy's Poland combined sites is estimated at about 800 billion cubic metres; being 10 billion cubic metres of pipeline quality gas per annum for 80 years.

  • Linc Energy gains initial approval to commence Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) operations in Poland upon the Company's previously confirmed coal resource near Krakow.

  • Stage one of Linc Energy's Polish UCG operations to involve gas production trials and process verification.

The project will take place upon the Company's nominated UCG site within its coal resource license area near Krakow in Poland. The site is ideally located and is well researched, with Linc Energy having already completed coal resource drilling, a seismic survey and a detailed evaluation of the coals geological conditions indicating that this coal is very suitable for UCG operations.

The Company's internal evaluation indicates that its Polish coal resources could produce approximately 800 billion cubic metres of pipeline gas across the life of the combined UCG projects at the rate of 10 billion cubic metres of Gas per annum for the next 80 years.

During the first stage of the Polish UCG project Linc Energy, working closely with Polish regulators, will undertake gas production trials and verification of its proprietary UCG process. The aim of this stage will be to confirm that UCG operations in Poland are operated as a safe and environmentally acceptable method of industrial scale gas extraction that can be adopted as a commercial energy solution in the near future.

Linc Energy will be working with a number of local Polish companies and research organisations during the construction and operation phases of Linc Energy's first UCG facility in Poland. Linc Energy is still seeking finalisation of some necessary regulatory approvals prior to construction commencing.

As part of the new Polish UCG demonstration operation, Linc Energy intends to move some of its existing UCG equipment and Gas Lab from Chinchilla in Australia to its site in Poland, as well as re-using a significant amount of UCG production equipment, with key items anticipated to commence arriving in Poland by the end of the 4th quarter of 2014. As such, Linc Energy expects stage one of its Polish UCG facility will be very cost effective and fast to construct.

Peter Bond, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Linc Energy said; 'It is pleasing that all our hard work and investment is starting to move forward to an operating UCG facility in Poland. As we commence these initial trials of our well proven and patented UCG process, I believe that UCG will start to change the current energy landscape in Europe through its ability to create gas self-sufficiency in those markets that are currently dependent on imported gas

After all, once Linc Energy takes its Polish UCG operations to a commercial scale, Linc Energy alone could replace 10 billion cubic metres of gas per annum for in excess of 80 years."

UCG is the cleanest use of coal
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Old 09-17-2014, 01:47 PM
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Default Will Linc's European UCG program benefit from Russia's actions?

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