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Default Rooftops one day, micro-grids the next - Solar, and Village-scale micro-grids

"Rooftops one day, micro-grids the next "

"Meanwhile, the developing world increasingly views solar, and "village-scale" micro-grids, as an obvious and cost-effective choice for its vast, distributed populations."

"We found community scale models could be cost-effective before 2020 for the mass-market, and battery costs seem to be moving faster than we assumed they would. In fact, according to recent analysis by Navigant Research, revenue from the (currently) niche market of energy storage for micro-grids is worth $US662 million ($757 million) in 2014, and will be $US4 billion ($4.58 billion) by 2024. Meanwhile, a separate Navigant report, specifically on the Asia Pacific micro-grid market, anticipates $31 billion of investment between today and 2023, with the declining costs for renewables increasing the business prospects.

Read the full article
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