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Default Does ASX: GGG have the most THORIUM of all?

Following a recent rise in social media commentary, ( Dialogix Social Media Analysis), on thorium I've done a bit of poking around.
I summarized what I found here.

To whet your appetites: Geosciences Australia estimates that Australia has 485,000 tonnes of thorium -- the largest resource in the world -- with other major deposits in India, Turkey and Brazil.

So then I started digging deeper. I wonder how many investors know that Greenland Energy and Minerals ASX: GGG has the world's second or third largest undeveloped uranium resource in the world. (ASX listed GGG and Aura Energy (ASX:AEE) are battling it out for the title of second largest.....) Having been following thorium for a decade or so I remembered an early analysis of GGG's Kvanefjeld's credits beyond uranium, zinc and rare earths elements.

Here is what the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Association) published many years ago: The uranium deposit at Kvanefjeld, the Ilimaussaq intrusion, South Greenland
by Soerensen, H.; Rose-Hansen, J.; Leth Nielsen, B.; Loevborg, L.; Soerensen, E.; Lundgaard, T.
The uranium-thorium deposits is located in part of an alkaline intrusion consisting of peralkaline, agpaitic nepheline syenites. The radioactive minerals are steenstrupine, uranium-rich monazite, thorite and pigmentary material. The radio-element content varies from 100 to 3000 ppm Uranium and 300 to 15000 ppm Thorium.

This gives a strong hint that GGG is likely sitting on between 3 - 5 times as much thorium as uranium and that would make it a huge resource.... with the added bonus of great chemistry allowing for easy extraction.

GGG's resources - 2014: 956 Mt containing 575 Mlbs U3O8, 10.33 Mt TREO, 2.25 Mt zinc TREO includes 0.37 Mt heavy REO, 0.84 Mt yttrium oxide.

It would seem that Greenland is in a pivotal position to take electricity production away from coal and also be at the center of the coming electron economy via its enormous rare earths resources.
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