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Default Graphite the next big thing - says Rare Earths expert Jack Lifton

"Graphite's criticality and potential scarcity has been recognized by both the United States and the European Union, which have each declared graphite a supply-critical mineral.

Recently, the British Geological Survey ranked graphite right behind the rare earths and substantially ahead of lithium in terms of supply criticality."

Graphite mining and processing is currently limited to a small handful of countries, with China, India, Brazil and Canada the leading suppliers. Only 40% of world production yields flake graphite, the most desirable type for its suitability in high-value, high-growth applications. Only flake and synthetic graphite, which is made from petroleum coke through a very expensive process, can be used in lithium-ion batteries, the current demand driver for this crucial substance. Read more

The snippets above are from one of a spate of Graphite related articles no doubt sparked by the approaching graphite supply crunch.

So does Australia have graphite?

The answer is yes we have three ASX listed companies with a graphite resource and today I bought one.

It is a very small by market cap ($47m) ASX listed company with a world class large flake graphite deposit that is in South Australia, 50kms from a port. And it appears to be right on the verge of making a giant leap forward.
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