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Default Major battery breakthrough

There seems to be an unusually high news flow re the latest Lithium ion battery breakthrough:

Rice University Develops Spray-on Battery Prototype
The rechargeable battery boasts similar electrical characteristics to the lithium ion batteries that power almost every mobile gadget, but it can be applied in layers to almost any surface with a conventional airbrush, said Neelam Singh, a Rice ...
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Researchers Devise Paintable Li-Ion Battery
Soon your floor could charge your electric razor, toothbrush, radio, or even double for solar storage.
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Spray-On Battery Could Slip Power Into Tighter Spaces
Researchers at Rice University have developed a paint that works as a battery, and it could change the way batteries are produced and reduce energy storage restrictions. The paint-on battery is similar in material balance to traditional lithium-ion ...
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This Paintable Battery Can Be Used Virtually Anywhere [VIDEO]
To create this sprayable battery, the team disassembled the chemicals of a lithium-ion battery and converted them into five paints. These paints were then sprayed in a particular order, like a conventional battery cell, onto ceramic tiles. Then the ...
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Sprayable paints form a lithium-ion battery
Run out of batteries? Just spray-paint some new ones. Researchers have created five sprayable paints that form a lithium-ion battery when layered together, letting you store energy on walls, tiles or even your favourite mug.
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Spray Paint Battery Could Turn Any Surface Into Power Storage
The lithium-ion battery can be painted onto nearly any surface, and is rechargeable. The battery is spray-painted in layers, with each layer representing a part of a traditional battery. The study of this technology has been published today in Nature's ...
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