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Default Renewed interest in Lithium

There appears to be a pick up in Lithium related news. This is good news for ASX Lithium companies as Australia currently has 14 ASX listed companies with Lithium deposits with 5 ASX listed companies with JORC compliant resources and is one of the world's top two producers acccording to the U.S. Geological Survey 2013.

Lithium Battery Producer, Flux Power Strengthens Balance Sheet With Conversion of $2.9M Debt ...
Flux Power develops and markets advanced lithium-ion battery packs for use in lift trucks (forklifts), other industrial vehicles and for portable power in ...

American Manganese to Focus On Chemical Manganese Dioxide for Rechargeable Lithium Ion ...
LIGHTNING RELEASES ?June 11 ? Vancouver, BC Larry W. Reaugh, President and Chief Executive Officer of American Manganese Inc. (?American ...

Learning to Design Ion Channels for Future Batteries
Overclockers Club
Lithium ion batteries do have issues though, not least of which is that they can burst into flames when they overheat. One way to solve this problem is ...

Soon charge your electronic items in just 10 minutes
Authint Mail
WASHINGTON ? Researchers have developed a 3-D, silicon-decorated, cone-shaped carbon-nanotube cluster architecture for lithium ion battery ...

1000-mile EV battery to debut within two years
EV Fleet World
The unit is designed so that drivers can exhaust the lithium-ion battery and continue using the energy in these cartridges but, as aluminium-air ...

Alstom and Saft to provide EDF Concept Grid with energy storage battery system
Renewable Energy Focus
Saft will supply its Intensium Max lithium-ion battery 20 ft (6 m) container, while Alstom will install its MaxSine eStorage solution. Alstom's MaxSine ...

Elon Musk Talks Tesla's Supercharger Future
U.S. News & World Report
The trouble with Tesla's Gigafactory strategy is that it is dependent on a massive supply of lithium ion, which stores the electrical charge in its batteries, ...

Electric Car Travels Over 1000 Miles on One Charge
Guardian Liberty Voice
The vehicle accomplishes this by utilizing a combination of lithium-ion and aluminum-air storage technologies. Phinergy's aluminum-air battery weighs ...

Embedded battery assemblies deliver portable power
Electronic Products & Technology
... is a design program implemented to provide OEMs a semi-custom power solution when off-the-shelf lithium ion (li-ion) or lithium polymer (LiPO) soft ...

Better Understanding of Plastics Opens Way to New Batteries
Daily Fusion
A lithium-based battery has a major disadvantage: it's highly flammable, and ... They are a leading material for use as ion conductors because they ...


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