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Default Australia second largest Lithium producer

This year's USGS report lists Australia as the worlds second largest lithium producer with 13,000 tons of Lithium with Chile at 13,500. By and large Australia's lithium comes from Talisons' Greenbushes, Western Australia hard rock spodumene resource whereas Chile's from brine lakes. This makes for a nice balance as when it is cloudy and wet in Chile they cannot evaporate the brine and Australia's slightly more expensive to produce Lithium from spodumene isn't weather affected.

With the forecast-ed coming El Nino Chile will be wet and Australia's spodumene is likely to come back strongly. I wonder if Galaxy's Mount Caitilin, Ravensthorpe - Western Australia spodumene mine will be restarted?

Galaxy also has the Sal de Vida (Salt of Life) deposit that has emerged as one of the largest and highest grade undeveloped lithium brine deposits in the world with significant expansion potential. So they can go both wet and dry as it were.

Read about Australian Lithium

The Greenbushes Lithium Operations are located directly south and immediately adjacent to the town of Greenbushes in Western Australia. It is approximately 250 kilometres south of Perth and Fremantle, a major container shipping port, and 90 kilometres south-east of the Port of Bunbury, a major bulk handling port, in the south-west of Western Australia.
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