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Default Gas to Liquids vital for Australia...

Martin Ferguson
Minister for Resources and Energy
Minister for Tourism

Senator Kim Carr
Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research
The $5 million Synfuel and Catalysis Research Facility (Syncat), Australias first synthetic fuels facility, has been launched today in Perth. The facility is a public private partnership housed at the Australian Resources Research Centrein Western Australia's Technology Park.
Representing Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr at the launch Minister for Resources and Energy, Martin Ferguson AM MP said the facility is part of the Governments commitment to enhance Australias energy security.
We have a growing trade deficit in crude oil and refined products. At the same time we are seeking new ways to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, Minister Ferguson said.
Synthetic fuels and research into new gas-to liquid technologies have the potential to both lessen our dependence on imports and provide a cleaner burning transport fuel alternative.
For the first time, Australia has a fully-automated, around-the-clock, synthetic fuels research facility.
Testing and research at this facility could help us maximise the potential from our abundant gas resources, including the conversion of both on and offshore resources that were previously considered to be uneconomical.
The Syncat facility is part of the CSIROs Gas Processing and Conversion research program, which is looking for ways to make synthetic fuel from non-oil or non-conventional feedstocks. It will produce synfuels from a range of feedstocks including natural gas, coal, hydrogen and biomass. It can run by itself for months at a time and the two reactor rigs can test at temperatures of up to 450 degrees.
Congratulating CSIRO on the new facility Senator Carr emphasised the economic benefits that could flow to industry from this research.
Syncat is a great example of government working with industry to turn world-class research into tangible outcomes, Senator Carr said.
Public private partnerships like this one are vital. They are one of the drivers of the Australian Governments broader agenda to raise productivity.
Australias first synthetic fuels facility holds great promise. Among the many benefits of Syncat, well be making new products more commercially-viable by reducing investment costs.
The Government recognises the outstanding value of the CSIROs work and thats why we have provided it with record funding of $3 billion over four years in the 2011-12 Budget to support new research and development.
SynCat will build on existing partnerships with major industry partners and create a research environment to further develop and advance renewable energy technologies.
The Governments action to price carbon will create greater market opportunities for lower emissions fuels and the work undertaken at SynCat could deliver the technological solutions needed to capitalise on this potential.
The CSIROs research, including the work to be undertaken at SynCat fits with the Governments broader strategic to examine barriers to the development and uptake of alternative transport fuels in partnership with industry as we develop the Alternative Transport Fuels Strategy.
Further information on the SynCat facility is available at

Readers interested in the investment opportunities surrounding the gas to liquids story and the amazing riches awaiting the onset of commercial underground coal gasification and the conversion of the syngas to liquids should have a look at The site has been designed to give a bird's eye view of the various processes and the companies involved. In particular readers should be well across LNC & CTP.

I own CTP and LNC.
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