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Default Small-scale GTL moves to the fore

Small-scale GTL moves to the fore; Gas-to-liquids (GTL) conversion so far only exists in a select few projects of huge scale. But a growing band of enthusiastic proponents are convinced that small-scale GTL is the real way ahead. Adrian Cottrill sets the scene and talks to the two companies, CompactGTL and Velocys, currently leading this drive.

As an Australian I think that we could claim that Linc Energy is one of the world's leaders in this innovation as they did the double of combining underground coal gasification with gas to liquids (ucg-gtl) ...... we should have been proud of them.... but they clashed with the CSM lobby who had the ear of the Queensland Govt. and consequently Linc have now gone off-shore. Possibly one of the dumbest moves our Queensland Govt. has made!

Read the full article here

You can still invest in Linc which is now listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) with the sticker code TI6. eTrade can do it for you via their Global Shares trading platform.
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