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Old 06-15-2011, 02:08 AM
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Default Geothermal the way forward according to the International Energy Agency

The stalled Australian geothermal industry and local policy makers might find the latest analysis of the sector by the International Energy Agency particularly interesting.

The IEA has underlined the need for geothermal to play a vital role in cutting greenhouse emissions and predicted its share of the global electricity production could increase nearly 12-fold from 0.3 per cent today to 3.5 per cent in 2050. It's total capacity could be at 200 gigawatts, or nearly four times the size of Australia's entire grid. It could also provide 3.9 per cent of the globe's heat needs, for buildings and for greenhouses. Read the full article

As most investors know Australia's Hot Rock Energy / Geothermal sector has been clubbed to death by a lack of Govt incentives.... A flow through share relief scheme for our Hot Rockers could see investors return to this once vibrant sector.

I still hold Petratherm.... but here in Australia we are absolutely spoiled for choice as we have some wonderful Hot Rock stocks with varying models based on the world's best hot rocks that are massive, shallow and have lovely sedimentary blankets to insulate them.... The reason I have stayed in PTR is that they will be the first to have a commercial project here in Australia.... but do check out Kuth Energy etc.

You can see at a glance what our govt has done to the sector here. (Of course GDY didn't help at all with their disaster prone program). It seems amazing that Australia has done so poorly as we even have govt. ministers that actually understand what we have and what we could achieve....

The Hon Martin Ferguson Minister for Resources and Energy

"The industry has a significant role to play in securing Australia's energy future"
"The potential of the geothermal industry in Australia is truly staggering"

Perhaps it is time for a HOT Rock Energy ETF?
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