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Exclamation Will It, Won't It? The Debate about CCS Lingers

It's been many years since the concept of carbon sequestration or carbon capture and storage (CCS) was first propounded. Since then, three specific processes have been concretised for the same - precombustion capture, post-combustion capture, oxyfuel combustion. The capture is followed by cooling, transportation and storage of the CO2.

All these three processes work - there is no doubt about that. What is not clear are the costs for each of these. Those should become more clear within the next couple of years too.

But there are many who wonder whether the idea of CCS is going to work at all (see this post for instance ? US research paper says that CCS is an unviable Technology. The world is searching desperately for ideas other than CCS which can enable us to have CO2 levels in our atmosphere at "safe" levels, and hasn't yet found any. At this stage, if the view of those who doubt the fundamental feasibility of CCS indeed comes true, I wonder what we will be left with, other than a lot of CO2 of course.

Your thoughts are welcome
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