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Default Torrens Key to S Australia being national renewable energy hub

The exploration company Torrens Energy says its geothermal project near Port Augusta will strengthen the South Australian Government's bid to establish the state as a national hub for renewable energy.

The Government is looking at the state's transmission lines to find the best ways to feed renewable energy into the national grid.

Torrens Energy executive director John Canaris says its project is located 400 metres from the Davenport substation and is a perfect place to connect to the national grid.

"We would see that Port Augusta and northern far north transmission network as really an ideal area within South Australia to develop new sources of renewable energy because of the capacity of the grid to accept new sources of energy, and of course the growing need," he said.


Torrens Energy Limted

Mkt Cap: AUD$11m - 6/06/09

Enhanced Geothermal System


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