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Default Rare Earths: Heavy - Light

The article discusses rare earth metals, which are a group of 17 elements crucial for many technologies.

Types of rare earth metals: There are two main categories: light and heavy, classified by atomic weight. Scandium is an exception.

Light rare earths: These are more common and include neodymium, used in magnets and electric vehicles, and praseodymium, used in alloys and lighting.

Heavy rare earths: These are less common and more valuable, including dysprosium, essential for clean energy tech, and terbium, used in data storage.

China's dominance: China is the world's largest producer of rare earth metals, making it difficult for others to compete.

Production quotas: China limits its production to control prices, although quotas have increased in recent years.

US production: The US lags far behind China in rare earth production, with only one major mine.



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Comments on this forum should never be taken as investment advice.

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