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Default ASX: GGG world's largest undeveloped REE resource - Refinery Piloting Success

Refinery Piloting Successfully Completed read the full pdf

  • Kvanefjeld refinery pilot plant activities successfully completed
    • Conducted at Outotec Pori Research Laboratories, Finland, as part of the EURARE program
    • Outcomes consistent with, and in areas exceeding, Feasibility design criteria
    • Valuable operating data collected, further de-risking atmospheric leach circuit
    • Confirms non-refractory nature of the Kvanefjeld ore minerals, with high extraction levels
    • ~25 kilograms of mixed rare earth carbonate produced, to be used by the EURARE program to produce advanced rare earth products

    Kvanefjeld Refinery Pilot Plant Successful

    Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd ('GMEL' or 'the Company') has successfully completed the refinery pilot plant operations in Finland for the Kvanefjeld Project. These pilot plant activities were performed as part of the EURARE program for which the Company is a work package leader.
    The final phases of the pilot plant operations were completed at Outotec Pori Research Laboratories in October 2015. The Pori Research laboratories are part of Outotec, the provider of leading technologies and services for the sustainable use of Earth's natural resources.
    The Company is extremely pleased with the refinery pilot plant outcomes. The operation was characterised by results that exceeded expectations with few surprises. GMEL would like to acknowledge the innovation and efforts of its technical team. The success of the pilot plant operations was the culmination of years of metallurgical work which has taken the process from an initial concept to a rigorously-tested design.
    The Company is also grateful to the efforts of the Outotec Pori's pilot plant technicians and metallurgists who made the pilot plant campaign successful

    Read about

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