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Default GGG: The Australian presents a better article

Yesterday's article in the Business Australian was very light on several socio-political factors facing Greenland Minerals the holder's of the world's largest REE deposit. After investors read the story the share pricee of GGG soared. I remarked on a chat channel that the reporter seemed to have NOT done his homework. Todays article at,00.html provides a far more informed view..... hopefully those new investors don't take fright and stay in GGG. They would be wise to take the punt IMO as it seems inevitable that the world's largest Rare Earth deposit will be mined. Whether GGG survives is up to Australian retail investors as our large institutions have completely failed to appreciate the Rare earth Elements story and their "knowledgabe" brokers seem to be well out of their depth.

If you'd lie a bird's eye view of the ASX listed compnaies with REEs visit
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