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Default Half of the 21st century's "rate limiting step" for $1 billion

The Rare Earth Elements are an essential component for the world to transition from our current carbon based economy to our new emerging carbon less electron based economy.

This new "electron economy" will see ever increasing usage of the Rare Earths because of their remarkable electrical properties.

In a way they are the substrate for "weird" science, where you add a small amount of one of them to another common element and end up with something that does something that nothing else can. In this way the REE are like vitamins in biological systems.......

This was recognised several decades ago by China and since then China has fought hard to dominate the REE supply based on their massive supply, cheap production costs and skilled workforce for the conversion of the REEs to REOs. At times when competition arose they used their pricing power to kill off their competition (Mountain Pass, USA) and made it clear that no-one else could compete in commercial terms. The game changer is that the REEs and their refined materials the REO's are now so widely sought and increasingly recognised as being vital to the 21st century that this tactic cannot work in the face of a looming under-supply.

And consequently Australian investors are facing a once in a lifetime opportunity because it turns out that Australian companies control even more REEs than China. And make no mistake, this is a giant opportunity.... As we have in our hands over half the world's REEs and you could buy the whole lot of the Australian JORC deposits for less than 1 billion dollars.

Half of the 21st century's "rate limiting step" can be bought for just one billion dollars.

Amazingly this has become a trader's game where punters make a few dollars and walk away....

It is my prediction that those that hold onto their LYC ,NAV, ARU, GGG, CMY and ALK will become richer than the Saudi Princes.
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