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Default Alkane's DZP output to change face of H-REE supply

Global consumption of rare earths was expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate in excess of 5% from 2014 through 2020. China continued to dominate the global supply of rare earths. In 2014, China's rare-earth export quotas were 31,000 tons, including 27,383 tons for light rare earths and 3,617 tons for heavy rare earths. In August, the World Trade Organization upheld a ruling in favor of the United States, the European Union, and Japan's claims that China violated trade rules with respect to the unfair imposition of export restrictions on rare earths despite China's claims that the controls were aimed at protecting the environment and conserving resources. China continued efforts to consolidate its rare-earths industry and clamp down on illegal production and exports. China's State Bureau of Material Reserve continued to expand its stockpile of rare earths. More:

Read about Australian Rare Earths at
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