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Default Tantalum production by country
After reading the article linked to above you might like to see how Australia is going to change the world's Tantalum picture....

Tantalum is a very rare, highly strategic commodity because of its unique chemical and physical properties that make it a critical technology metal and Australia has the the largest reserves of any country.

The major use for tantalum, as tantalum metal powder, is in the production of electronic components, mainly tantalum capacitors. Major end uses for tantalum capacitors include portable telephones, pagers, personal computers, and automotive electronics. Alloyed with other metals, tantalum is also used in making carbide tools for metalworking equipment and in the production of superalloys for jet engine components. More

Australian Companies with Tantalum Resources (JORC) 2011
Australian Companies with Tantalum Resources: Charts
Tantalum News - Australian Focus

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