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Default Turning Coal to Gas -Towards cleaner electricity

Today's Article by Reuters reporter John Kemp highlights another of the ways to make coal cleaner and extract more energy.*

Our website explores the use of underground coal gasification and then turning the resultant gas (Syngas) into liquids.

Kemp's article gives a succinct overview of coal gasification, the use of the Fischer-Tropsch process to convert the resultant Syngas to liquids and also spotlights the technique of gasifying coal and using the Syngas to power turbines for electricity production.

*His paragraph on the new combined cycle gas systems where a gas turbine followed by a steam boiler using the hot exhaust gases to power a second generator succinctly points out that much higher thermal efficiencies of 50 percent or more are obtainable.

Australia is a leading player in the field of UCG, GTL, Syngas and has the world's first successful UCG-GTL trial and a couple of compnaies that are using Syngas to power turbines for electricity production.
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