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Default Green Rock Energy to develop WA 1st Geothermal

ASX Announcement

Green Rock Energy to develop WA’s first geothermal energy project

Alkimos Geothermal District Heating and Cooling Project
In addition to its Perth Geothermal Exploration Permit, Green Rock Energy has been formally offered Permits in both the Collie and Perth Basins where the Company considers there is geothermal potential for electricity production as well as the direct use of the geothermal energy for air-conditioning and water desalination which will displace electricity as their energy source.

In particular, it is proposed to apply the knowhow developed in the UWA Geothermal Energy Project to a geothermal powered district heating and cooling system at Alkimos, the next major Perth suburban development 40km north of Perth CBD, being planned for development in 2011.

The replacement of a significant portion of electricity demand, with geothermal powered district heating and cooling, will be a major driver for the intended move to carbon-neutral living at Alkimos. Up to 50MW of electricity generation capacity may be eliminated. District heating and cooling systems, which distribute hot water and chilled water to multiple buildings for air-conditioning, have been used in commercial buildings for decades. To date they have been mainly used in business districts and institutional settings, such as university campuses like UWA’s Crawley Campus.

District heating and cooling has proven to be a major contributor to green house gas reduction in many European and North American countries. As energy costs increase and community concerns about green house gas reductions increase, industry is finding new ways to use the technology. As a result, geothermal energy is becoming an important source of energy for district heating and cooling.

Heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning typically account for more than 30 per cent of the energy consumed in commercial buildings. Geothermal powered district cooling systems in particular benefit the local power grid by being always a constant and reliable source of energy, available when needed reducing peak power demand and alleviating power congestion due to transmission limitations. District cooling not only helps cool cities; it helps alleviate the challenges posed by high and peak electric consumption.

About Green Rock Energy

Green Rock Energy is an Australian company focused on developing commercially sound renewable geothermal energy projects. The Company has projects in Australia and Europe and is a member of the Australian Geothermal Energy Association, the Australian Geothermal Energy Group and sponsor member of the International Energy Agency’s Geothermal Implementing Agreement.

Green Rock Energy is working with the University of Western Australia and is a supporter and financial contributor to the UWA’s geothermal activities as well as the recently established Western Australia Geothermal Centre of Excellence, directed by Professor Klaus Regenauer-Lieb.

Nigel Hodder
Company Secretary

Follow this link for images on page 3
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