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Default Canada thanks us for increasing their trade with India

This just came into my inbox...

Many thanks to the Australian Labor Government for their idiotic stance on exporting uranium to India. It is Canada's gain and Australia's loss but India did not sign the Non Proliferation Treaty did they? But then what does that have to do with nuclear energy. Remember Canada gave them that technology 35 years ago under another left wing Liberal government to build nuclear bombs. Maybe someone in Oz should explain the difference between nuclear power and nuclear bombs to your government. We too have a labor party here in Canada but so far they have only ever elected between twenty or thirty seats in parliament. I don't think they ever have a hope in hell of getting enough seats to form government because they have policies like your current left wing government. Someday when all of your uranium mines are owned by foreign companies someone might wake up but by then it will be too late.

Keep voting for those Labor governments we like that here in Canada!

Gary Kreitz
Edmonton Canada
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